What is inside Job coffee?

Inside Job Coffee is a coffee platform community working for Producers Socio-Economical & Agricultural Development through Education.   

We are a Start-Up company based in London where our International Team works hard and with a profound Social commitment with the Coffee producers in social disadvantage.

Currently, we are actively working with our supported coffee producers from Mexico, Peru and Honduras (check our featured “Producers”) 

Inside Job Coffee Crisis


The “Coffee world” is in crisis, we have been hearing this for years, but what is this “CRISIS” all about? Is it about Price? or Is it about Economics? 

We are focused in the Coffee producer sustainable development and their Social Economic Well-being.

Today we are fighting against many “coffee misconceptions” and the lack of information regarding this situation, which are mainly The Market and The Data which are not encouraging at all for farmers. 

"Considering that 60% of Coffee Producers Worldwide are IN or UNDER the line of Poverty, there is a lot to do! ”

The Programme

Therefore, Inside Job Coffee is focused almost exclusively on smallholders development, essentially in the Agricultural and Socio-Economical areas.

Our Programme is an ongoing project. It grows as we go, learning and understanding their needs in order to be able to fulfil them. 


We already have created an international network of cooperation dedicating our resources for the following:

  • Preliminary Social Economical census.
  • Agricultural assessments (preliminary) 
  • Social Assessment (Families- status) 
  • Social Planning.
  • Farms Assessment
  • Farm Projects formulation.
  • Equipment status.
  • Producer approval
  • Project Elaboration
  • Kick starter for Farmers (Social Grant Incentive) 

All our support and help is Absolutely free for our partner farmers. Who fulfil the required social criteria.  Check our detailed Education programme content.


Inside Job Coffee’s mission is being a presence for Coffee producers globally and help to create a more conscious market as well as finding new and unexplored coffee. 

“Inside Job Coffee is based on direct and bespoke help, as required. To achieve a sustainable future for Producers, not just for the market.” 

Quality coffee is as important as our mission, creating programmes which will allow producers to get education in agricultural technics to boost the quality as well as their production.  

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