Small coffee producers conform the 60% of the coffee producers worldwide, They are struggling to compete and get a better livelihood. 


Many small coffee farmers lack access to technical expertise in topics regarding the management of the plantations, harvests or even how to get fair prices for their production. The current situation is making them more vulnerable to climate change, diseases and decay of natural resources, unfair business and uncertainty of markets.

Through our insight, we reinforce what they know about coffee cultivation in practical ways according to the farmer’s circumstances and aim to improve their productivity and business expertise.

Inside Job Coffee SGDs

Our Goals

– Instruct smallholders about several topics regarding the coffee chain of production to allow them to become more competent and productive.

– Introduction and training on sustainable agricultural practices.

– Bring support and integration for smallholders within the Inside job coffee network.

– Monitoring work and progress of smallholders to build up their own economic sustainability and independence.


Pre-Production / Cultivation

Plantation maintenance guidance programme.

–  Development of work planning. 
– Sustainable Fertilization program for new and old  plantations 
– Sustainable pest and disease prevention: How to deal with “La Roya” and “La Broca” 
– Bespoke weeding and pruning planning 
– Training to handle tools to measure environmental parameters in the field. (We are working to get resources to provide our producers with a Producers Kit, soon. ) 
Inside Job Coffee holding green bean
Jael- Picker- Laguna suprema- Venezuela
Jael, Picker at Laguna Suprema farm, Venezuela.


Guidance during harvesting

– Coffee picking: Criteria with the best practices to pick coffee cherries efficiently.

– Sustainable guidance during coffee processing, pulp removal, drying and storage of the beans.

– How to avoid risking the quality of the beans during the dry or wet process of the cherries.


Post harvesting guidance.

– How to handle healing and recovery of the plantation after the harvest.

– Which plants shall be pruned or eliminated.

– How to maintain the processing and storage facilities.

– Best practices to store processed coffee.

– Sustainable coffee waste management. 

Post production-Education
Grading coffee at Inside Job Coffee

Roasting and quality control

Understanding the importance of quality and grading.

– Sensorial / Defects: factors that influence the quality of the beans in the cup 

– Roasting coffee: how coffee is roasted and understanding its key factors

– Quality: how farmers can get better prices for their coffee and which factors could decrease their price.

– Defects: What are they and how to prevent them?

– Cupping: how coffee is tasted to understand its quality 



Plantation renewal programme

– Work planning.
– Which varieties are more suitable for the farmer.
– How to germinate the seeds.
– How to prepare the substrate.
– Transplantation and maintenance of the coffee 
–  Land preparation for the arrival of young plants.
Inside Job Coffee Nursery Programme