Collaboration: Mexican Roasters making the difference.

Collaboration: Mexican Roasters making the difference.

During the pandemic in 2020, there was a climate of hopelessness among producers and also within roasters, despite doing their best work the coffee situation got worse because of local as well as international Covid19 measures and the crisis becoming global.

However, this time last year we started to work with producers Armando Reyes, Alejandra and Renato Garcia guiding them and supporting them through our development programme where their efforts and hard work were the highlight of a story of resilience and overcoming adversity.

Our producers
Our supported coffee producers Armando Reyes, Alejandra and Renato Garcia.

Coffee producers reality

In Mexico, like many producing countries there are remote locations, endless valleys, inaccessible roads, which makes the transport of goods through the whole country really hard, where logistics and gasoline are volatile and/or scarce.

This makes it really difficult for a normal or small producer to be able to compete in the coffee market or overcome their situation. Inside Job Coffee is working towards reinforcing their knowledge as well as agricultural practices,  creating accessible opportunities for our Producers and helping them to find alternative ways of development.

San Lucas de Zoquiapam, Oaxaca, Mexico
Mountain view in San Lucas de Zoquiapam.

Many producers dream of being able to improve their situation by selling their coffee for a fair price but most of them are trapped in their locations as they don’t have storage facilities or reliable transport companies.

The coyotes

The “Coyotes” are like informal middle-man who travels around inaccessible or hard to get to rural communities specifically during harvest time paying the producer an utterly inferior sum of money for their seasonal work ( US$141 per sack )

At Inside Job coffee we are committed to the producers’ well-being and working towards fair pay for their hard work is our main fight, but we couldn’t have done this fight alone.

The roasters

Xicoffee is a family roastery from Cordoba (Veracruz) it was founded in 2008 by Horacio Xicotenctl Mansur, after overcoming adversity when he spent years working as a green coffee supplier and having to start from zero in 1995 after unfortunately losing his business.

However, his passion for coffee and experience took him all around Mexico knowing the different coffee-producing regions, it was then when he decided to start Roasting and set up Xicoffee.

Nowadays, all his family works together, especially Maria José Xicotenctl (Horacio’s daughter ) who is actively working as Manager and who has been key for this collaboration to be possible.

 Maria Jose Xicoffee posing with coffee bags.
Maria Jose manager and coffee responsible at Xicoffee

The collaboration

Xicoffee answered our call for support to score our producers coffee quality for the very first time looking for defects, density, colour, humidity, diameter as well as sensory profiling, they were surprised by the quality of Armando and Alejandra’s production so they decided to buy their coffee production.

Coffee Analysis, QC Xicoffee
Coffee Analysis at Xicoffee, Cordoba, Veracruz.

Armando, Alejandra y Renato sold their entire coffee production for the very first time directly, after years of underpaid production and unrecognized work, this definitely helps producers with enough confidence in their work.

Sample roasting at Xicoffee.
Sample roasting and Quality control at Xicoffee.

We are still working alongside our producers to increase their development and their profit contributing to their families and communities ( Mazatecs: Mexican Indigenous ethnicity)

We want to thank Xicoffee as they have been absolutely amazing from the first day by buying our producers coffee directly and by helping us logistically to deliver to Armando our Programme Fertilizers pack for his production in Oaxaca, Mexico. They are conscious roasters and they are also totally on board with our initiative to bring more agricultural education to producers.

Armando, Alejandra and Renato's coffee.
Armando, Alejandra and Renato’s coffee.


Support social collaboration, to get Armando or Alejandra and Renato’s coffee check this Link to Xicoffee shop, or go to Calle 6 No. 307 entre Avenidas 3 y 5 Col. Centro C.P. 94500 Córdoba, Veracruz, Mexico.

We are happy to work with conscious roasters who are willing to boost producers development paying them right and contributing to the industry’s sustainability. If you are interested to be part of this initiative get in touch with us at #Alltogether


Producer picking coffee in Oaxaca Mexico

First Coffee Producer's Social Enterprise

Inside job coffee

We are an organisation dedicated to support small coffee producers in social disadvantage through agricultural education. 

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