About Us

INSIDE JOB COFFEE is a UK Social Enterprise with a community platform working with coffee producers in the farms pushing their Socioeconomic and agricultural development through Education.

We are a Start-Up Social Enterprise based in London.

Inside Job Coffee Ethos is to support and contribute to the organic development of Coffee Producers in social disadvantage.

We are comprised of an International TEAM who works hard with a profound Social commitment with Coffee producers in social disadvantage.

Considering that the 60% of the Coffee Producers Worldwide are smallholders and they are living “in or under the poverty line”.

Producer handling coffee cherries


Our mission is to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to the coffee producer’s social and financial development. Supporting coffee producers with knowledge and the right tools to help them to reach their financial independence putting the Coffee Producer at the top of the Coffee supply chain. 


We are an independent UK Social Enterprise company which means we are committed by law to act as a Community Interest Company.
We do not have any Governments ties, parallel business or related companies.
We sustain ourselves by selling delicious coffee freshly roasted in London.We have obtained our coffee from alike organisations or conscious green importers who share our views on sustainable development.

  • We don’t profit with the producers work
  • We don’t trade coffee. 

We are more than aware of the reality in the farms, where there are no Socio-economic standards for the farmers, now it’s time for all of us to create some solution through cooperation and support. 

Inside Job Coffee ethics
Inside Job Coffee Renato


On the other hand, we have created many programmes especially directed to boost the coffee market effectively through social cooperation and connecting the coffee world with the farms putting the Coffee Producers role as the Main Character.

  • We do provide help DIRECTLY to our supported Producers
  • We are mainly concerned about the producer’s social wellbeing despite its production. 
  • We are committed to our Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)   
  • We are encouraging and teaching small producers to rate and learn from their own production and Terroir. 
  • We are not a Charity, we work alongside with the producers to effectively support their development.
  • We do provide agricultural training for Small Producers.
  • We are finding coffee areas unexplored by international markets.
  • We are helping small producers to find conscious roasters
  • We also do designing support for our Producers labels and more to help them to boost their sales directly.